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Horoscope for Dec. 24-30



Capricorn The Goat: (Dec. 21-Jan. 19)

Mars, the warrior, enters your sign right after Christmas and will be traveling with you for 6 weeks. This energy is especially helpful when we need to define our boundaries and territory. This planet is action oriented and very, very definite.

For All Signs: The Romans, when Christianizing the Jews, are thought to have chosen the 25th as the annual date on which to celebrate Jesus' birth because Hanukkah, an accepted tradition, was celebrated on the 25th day of Kislev, third month of the Jewish lunar year. Across the centuries and cross-culturally, humans have always found ways to celebrate the light of Spirit that never quite goes out inside, no matter how dark it may appear in the northern hemisphere. We rejoice in the ongoing rebirth of hope for new life on the planet and within our psyches. May each of you experience fresh inspiration and expectation of joy in the year to come.

Aries: The holidays are quiet for you. On the 27th your attention turns toward that which is your most ambitious enterprise. Whatever is occurring in your life at this time is clearly intense and emotion-laden. You may feel as though your very life depends upon making your point of view heard and acknowledged.

Taurus: Circumstances involving love life and money may feel a bit tight. You might experience an emotional droop near the first, in which you perceive yourself to be alone in the world. This is a temporary mood, so don't take it seriously.

Gemini: You are looking for something more exciting to do with yourself. It is fortunate for you that there is a counterbalancing energy that keeps you more or less in touch with reality at this time. It may even give you an insight as to how to renew the sparkle without tossing away security.

Cancer: The Crabs are so family oriented that the outcome of Christmas depends upon the moods and attitudes of those around you. This week of the holiday season may be unusually quiet because of the new moon on the 27th. This year will be quality time with fewer people, and you will enjoy it if you let yourself.

Leo: Give yourself more than a little bit of R&R this week. The generous Leo wants to take care of the ills of loved ones, but this time do so from a few feet away and take care of yourself as well.

Virgo: You have been in a battle of "old" versus "new" for quite some time now. Perhaps this is an argument with yourself. The message is to lighten up and be open to experiment. Shake yourself loose and play a little.

Libra: Though Libra is usually outgoing and interested in a party atmosphere, this year is a bit different. You feel more somber and not quite like yourself this week. It is perfectly OK to sleep in and skip one or more holiday parties.

Scorpio: You know the time has come for major change. Things will be quiet until after the holidays and then you are ready to attack change with all your strength. Part of the change involves learning to manage your own thoughts and your process of communications. Some are moving toward education of a practical nature.

Sagittarius: Aspects suggest that you are actually ready for the holiday nearly a week early. This must be one of the very few times in your life that you weren't out shopping at the last minute. Early in the week you will finish up details of various projects and then be ready to kick back for some R&R.

Aquarius: Your need to serve humanity in some way is strongly activated at this time. You may be tending a sick friend or serving in a soup kitchen. Your senses are wide open to the energies around you. Don't shoulder all the problems you see or you will burn out quickly.

Pisces: You have numerous worries nagging. If you search your heart of hearts, you are not really in the mood for revelry at this time. Plan to spend time with your favorite music, movies, and books.

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