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Horoscope Aug. 19-25, 2009



Virgo The Virgin (Aug. 22-Sept. 22):

You are caught between what you should do and what you or your partner want you to do. The routine is safe, but also boring. Your mind may play tricks and you could be distracted easily. This is not a good time to do work that requires discipline with details.

For All Signs: Investors, use caution! The probability of a change in directions is strong in September, if not before. The planetary culprit is Pluto, which turns direct on Sept. 11. Given the history of the last couple of years, the markets stabilize and even show some upturn while Pluto is retrograding. The danger zones have occurred while it is direct. In 2007 Pluto was retrograding between early April and early September. Shortly afterward, as Pluto turned direct, the indicators began to drift lower followed by a rapid decline beginning in January 2008 just as the planet entered Capricorn. In April 2008 Pluto turned retrograde and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, hoping the free fall had been stopped. Throughout the summer of '08 the market was much less volatile, but when Pluto turned direct on Sept. 9, the biggest collapse to date was made public and the market took a major beating. If you are still invested, pay close attention so it won't get away with you.

Aries: This week is a time to conclude projects of the last six weeks. Near the 25th your focus shifts to matters of home, property and family. Your temper will be short if you don't pour big muscle energy into something.

Taurus: Your work may be an interference in your hopping social life this week. You may encounter people from the past or be drawn to fall into past patterns of relationship. This can be fun for awhile, but don't tarry there long.

Gemini: It may seem that every time you attempt to concentrate on any sort of detail, someone or something begins to interfere. Bitsy parts will not cooperate or can't be found. It may take two to three trips to the hardware store or the grocery market to collect what you need to complete the task.

Cancer: You may feel compelled to contact old friends or relatives to re-establish relationship. Conversations will tend toward reminiscence and recollection of bygone events and eras of your lives. Avoid falling into outmoded relationship patterns.

Leo: Trying a new way to improve an ongoing process could yield excellent results. Think about your habits and graft new solutions to repetitive, but necessary, activities. It will take the drudge out of your work.

Libra: Outdated systems of organization may need to be replaced. Your reluctance could be holding you back from saving time and energy by using the most contemporary tools and resources available.

Scorpio: You have aspects that particularly favor school or classes of your choice. Your creative energy runs high and you want to "give birth" to something that is important to you. On the 25th you will notice a shift into a new direction.

Sagittarius: You may encounter a real or symbolic yellow flashing light this week. At minimum things may be put on hold to wait for the organization to catch up to you. Just move in the direction of the flow.

Capricorn: You can pull rabbits out of hats this week to solve short-term problems that develop. The one snag in the works is financial and this just won't be solved so easily. You are waiting for others to do their preliminary work before you can start your own.

Aquarius: The cares of the world and the realities of helping others could weigh heavily this week. Take breaks. Eat right. Ask if a given task is really necessary.

Pisces: You may feel caught between a rock and a hard place as the week develops. You can't please everyone and maybe this time it demands more energy than you have or want to give. If you are tired, experiment with letting go.

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