Hooterfest f. Tattermask, Shot Silk, Luna's Lament, Butterfly Corpse, A Light Divided, If You Swim, Sy Arden, Forgive Me Not

When: Sat., June 8 2013

2ND ANNUAL HOOTERFEST Nope, it’s not a breast cancer benefit or even a wet T-shirt contest. This one’s for the hooters with kids — um, owl kids. Owlets. Started by Tattermask singer Amanda Caines as a benefit for our fine-feathered friends, Hooterfest is also a celebration of female-fronted local bands. This year’s lineup includes the alternative-, folk-, blues- and metal-infused rock of Tattermask, Shot Silk, Luna’s Lament, Butterfly Corpse, A Light Divided, Sy Arden and Forgive Me Not. It’s also a chance to check out If You Swim, a collaboration between former The Between singer Danielle Engle and former The Lights Fluorescent guitarist Andre Francois. If nothing else, do it for the little hooters.

Jeff Hahne

Price: $5


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