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Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love




The Deal: Trisha Yearwood released her twelfth album, Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love. According to her debut song from the album (the song for which the album is named), heaven is where she hopes she's going and heartaches where she's been. Catchy twang lyrics, yes, but the melody is honky-tonk with an old-school country sound that stands out from the Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swifts sharing the air waves with her. Besides, she's married to Garth Brooks – she's already in heaven. So, how's the rest of the album?

The Good: Yearwood's songs are the kind of songs that I can see people doing the Watermelon Crawl to at Coyote Joe's. It's an old school country album where the dog dies, tractor breaks, and lover leaves. Except for Trisha there's "rust on the plow," she has a "weakness for cowboys," and has had a lot of break ups. This is a genuine country album – fresh off the farm. It's organic without the pop addictives.

The Bad: There weren't any songs that made me want to rewind. But I did turn the volume up and listen harder on one song.

The Verdict: It's the kind of album you buy per song on iTunes rather than going out and buying the entire album. Over the years Yearwood has put out some good songs and hit records, but her sound is not adapting to the popularized new age sound of honky-tonk. She's a country legend, but she's no crossover. She should just stick to singing with her hubby.

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