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Healing Hemp



In the Queen City, the CBD craze is taking the area by storm. I personally have fallen victim to the alluring draw of “relaxation, decreased anxiety, and sleeping aid.” However; there are many misconceptions about CBD products since they originate from hemp. What many people don’t realize is that hemp and marijuana are different forms of cannabis; and are not from the same plant. Hemp contains high levels of CBD, and extremely small traces of THC.

Pure CBD oil does not contain any THC, which is why it is legal and we are finding it all over the city in grocery stores, dispensaries, smoke shops, and more. CBD oil has been used before for its healing abilities, but in recent months has become an exploding trend.  


With that being said, I set out to find a brand of CBD products that could help any if not all of my personal health problems and provide relief and relaxation to my body. Being a practicing yogi; my muscles tend to get extremely sore and tense up the day after an intense class- so I needed a CBD product to help with muscle tension.

After a class at Carolina Yoga studio in Fort Mill, I found the solution to my aches and pains on their shelves. CY has started carrying a brand of CBD products, Pure Relief, designed to interact with the inflammatory system and provide sleep aid, pain relief, and relaxation for those suffering with anxiety or depression. Pure Relief supplies Carolina Yoga with their CBD salve and oil, but they also sell edibles, e-pens, and relief joints.


I tried the Pure Relief pain salve, which can be applied by using your index finger to rub a thin film onto the area experiencing pain. CBD salve is also beneficial to those experiencing arthritis or other join pains, as well as wounds, burns, or rashes. A small finger dip of salve is enough to ease muscle pain, and I found that my recovery time was quicker than usual. I discovered that the popular benefits of CBD products do live up to the hype, and provide an organic, natural relief to many health issues.

By: Lauren Griffith

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