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He Said, She Said


For centuries, each sex has pondered what makes the other one tick. Plays have been acted, books have been written, operas have been composed, statues have been sculpted and hell -- the Mona Lisa was painted to answer the question. Yet more than five hundred years later, man still doesn't know what lurks behind woman's alluring eyes. Is she smiling shyly because she's happy or is she smirking because she knows something you don't? The gals from Not the Average Chicks Marketing and Promotions would like to begin a dialogue to help the sexes ask these questions and more in hopes of opening the lines of communication. "Where is the Love?" serves as a networking event for Charlotte professionals as well as an open forum to get to the bottom of the long-standing "Battle of the Sexes." This event boasts Sara White, wife of late NFL great Reggie White, as a special guest host. She will join regular host Antonio Anderson in leading the discussion on the images of women in media, music and videos and their effects on our society. This month's installment will be held Thursday, July 20, at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille. The gloves come off at 6pm. For more info, call 704-377-3808.


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