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Acceptable meats offered on many menus



Finding foods that fits a specific dietary regiment or religious convictions can sometimes be a daunting task. Ask anyone who is glutton intolerant how difficult this can be.

As Charlotte's Muslim community grows, more diners are looking for menus that offer halal meats. Without getting too technical, halal, which means permitted in Arabic, sets forth foods that are acceptable to eat to those who follow Islam. Forbidden are pigs, blood, carrion, fanged beasts of prey and perhaps some fish and shellfish. Some have described halal in a similar fashion to the Jewish Kashrut dietary laws. Under the Kashrut, the manner in which permitted animals are slaughtered is prescribed and precise. Improperly slaughtered animals are not permitted to be eaten in Islam as well. There is still some disagreement in the Islamic community about who can slaughter permitted animals and whether he should be of the Muslim faith or could Christian or Jewish butchers be included. Additionally, halal prescribes the animal's diet which should be strictly herbaceous and not include hormones.

Unlike the symbols for kosher that consumers can find easily on foods, the symbols for halal can vary from country to country. Additionally, unlike kosher markets where a rabbi must ascertain that the foods are indeed kosher, halal foods are traditionally known by personal testimony. However, finding halal meats on menus and in shops is becoming easier around Charlotte. Here are some restaurants and shops that reported they serve or sell halal meats.

Although pork is a popular meat in China and for the Hakka people, the owners of Fu Lin have discontinued pork dishes and now offer halal meats. Halal chicken and beef are offered for $1 per dish.

Fu Lin Asian Cuisine Indo Chinese Fusion, 5301 East Independence Blvd., 704-568-8877

Shoppers can buy a full range of grocery products at the Halal International Market, which also sells halal beef, goat, chicken, and lamb.

The Halal International Market, 3120 N. Sharon Amity Road, 704-567-8744

The owners of Chaat 'n Chai offer their beef and chicken dishes in both halal and non halal meats.

Chaat 'n Chai, 9609 N. Tryon St., 704-780-1423

This grocer sells a wide range of halal meats including beef, goat, lamb and chicken.

The Royal Pakistan Grocers, 8829 E. WT Harris Blvd., 704-563-8666

Cedars has an inclusive list of halal products and meats, which are also used in their restaurant as well.

Cedars, 4832 Central Ave., 704-535-9662

All the meats served at Jaipur are halal.

Jaipur Indian Cuisine, 5909 South Blvd., 704-643-1421

Cluckers is known for its chicken, which is halal, but all meats served here except the beef kabobs are halal.

Cluckers Charbroiled Mediterranean, 8318 Pineville Matthews Road, 704-541-7677

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