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Greetings from the new music editor

Please allow me to introduce myself ...


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After starting as the music editor here on March 30, I've quickly been thrown into the whirlwind of Charlotte's music scene these last few weeks. There's plenty going on here and it's a daunting task to take it all in, but I'll try my best. I already know I can't please everyone. However, I plan on doing my best to lead the coverage into a comprehensive position. At this point, I've wiped the slate clean and am starting fresh from here on out. I don't know who's been covered, who's been trashed or who's been forgotten. The coverage starts now ...

I know we can't cover every band, but we'll do our best to point out who we can. I've spent the last seven years writing music stories and a blog in Greensboro. I could list people I've interviewed, concerts I've been to and CDs I own, but that would take weeks. Just know my musical tastes are varied, and I've been a music fan all my life.

I'll go to as many shows, talk to as many people on the scene and listen to as much music as my ears can take. I only ask that you remember it takes time to do all of this.

Is something missing? Let me know. Your band is releasing an album? Let me know. A new venue is opening? Let me know. Are you a writer that thinks we need more coverage of metal? Rap? Country? Rock? Let me know. I'm here to listen ... I've already begun learning a lot about the bands in the area through MySpace (

See you out there!


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