Green River Ordinance, Elenowen & Sinners & Saints

When: Thu., Aug. 22 2013

GREEN RIVER ORDINANCE A close listen to the latest EP from Green River Ordinance, Chasing Down the Wind, reveals the quintet’s deeper connection with the subtleties of rural music. The band has been maturing and further unfurling its musical chops ever since the young group stirred up attention with its catchy, if unremarkable, alterna-rock debut. Earlier efforts were more rocking, but the new EP is like a soft breeze wafting along a riverbank, floating the band’s songwriting into more varied musical territory. GRO has been on major tours, had songs featured on TV shows and films, and has steadily created a loyal fan base. Along the way it has found the right mix of country, rock and folk that invokes a love of simple things and music that seems to stroll out of urban chaos and into the solitude of the countryside. Clearly, the boys are on the right trail.

Samir Shukla

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