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Golden State Warriors Fill Vacant Roster Slot with Lester Quinones' Promotion




Big news for Warriors fans! Lester Quiñones, the talented guard, has secured a permanent spot with Golden State for the 2023-24 NBA season. After impressing in 19 games this season, the team is upgrading his contract from a two-way deal to a standard NBA contract.

This move shows how much the Warriors believe in Quiñones' skills and potential. It's also a big step forward for him and an exciting development for the team.

Who is Lester Quinones?

Lester Quinones, a 23-year-old shooting guard towering at an impressive 193cm, has emerged as a rising star in basketball. Despite facing initial setbacks after going undrafted following his college career at Memphis in 2022, Quinones refused to be deterred. In his second season with the Golden State Warriors, he made significant impacts on and off the court.

Quinones' journey to the NBA saw him spend valuable time with the Santa Cruz Warriors in the G League, where he honed his skills and showcased his potential. His standout performances earned him the title of Most Improved Player in 2023, a testament to his relentless work ethic and dedication to improvement.

His impressive statistics in the G League speak volumes about his abilities, with averages of over 21 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists per game, and stellar shooting percentages. Since joining the Golden State Warriors, Quinones has made waves, contributing almost 5 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist per game in limited minutes.

Recent performances have seen Quinones elevate his game even further, mainly when coming off the bench this month. His versatility, defensive prowess, and sharpshooting ability make him a valuable asset to the Golden State Warriors, and he is quickly solidifying his place as a critical player in the team's lineup.

As Quinones continues to grow and develop, fans can expect to see even more impressive performances from this talented shooting guard. With his determination and skill, Quinones is well-positioned to leave a lasting impact on the NBA stage.

The Promotion

In a strategic move following the trade deadline, the Golden State Warriors have decided to elevate guard Lester Quiñones from a two-way contract to a standard NBA contract. This decision comes from the team's trade of Cory Joseph, opening up an opportunity for Quiñones to solidify his place within the roster.

Quiñones has more than justified this promotion through his performances on the court, showcasing his skills and contributing meaningfully to the team's success. His ability to earn solid minutes and deliver impressive stats, including an impressive 39.6% shooting from three-point range, has not gone unnoticed by the coaching staff and management.

Beyond his on-court contributions, the Warriors' decision to convert Quiñones' contract is also expected to yield significant tax savings for the team. This strategic financial move reflects the organization's commitment to maximizing resources while maintaining competitiveness on the court.

Looking ahead, Quiñones' transition to a standard NBA contract positions him well for the future. As he enters restricted free agency next year, the Warriors have clarified that they see him as a critical part of their long-term plans. By investing in Quiñones now, the Warriors aim to secure his services for years, further solidifying their roster and bolstering their chances for sustained success in the NBA.

Impact on the Team

The promotion of Lester Quinones from a two-way contract to a standard NBA contract is set to catalyze changes within the Golden State Warriors' dynamic lineup and playing style. As Quinones integrates into the team, his multifaceted skill set and unwavering determination are poised to profoundly impact various facets of the Warriors' game, including the team’s NBA finals odds.

One immediate area where Quinones' promotion will be felt is in the team's rotations. With his versatility and ability to excel in multiple positions, Quinones provides Head Coach Steve Kerr with increased flexibility when crafting lineups and adjusting to in-game situations. His presence adds depth to the Warriors' bench, allowing smoother transitions and ensuring the team remains formidable throughout all four quarters of play.

Furthermore, Quinones' defensive prowess is expected to bolster the Warriors' defensive schemes. Known for his tenacity and commitment on the defensive end of the court, Quinones adds an extra layer of intensity to the team's defensive rotations. His ability to disrupt opposing offenses and force turnovers will be instrumental in the Warriors' quest to shut down their opponents and control the game's pace.

Offensively, Quinones' impact is equally significant. With a sharpshooting ability and a knack for scoring in various ways, Quinones adds a new dimension to the Warriors' offensive strategies. Whether draining three-pointers with precision or attacking the basket with finesse, Quinones provides the team with a reliable scoring option that keeps defenses on their toes.


As Lester Quinones steps into this new phase of his career with the Golden State Warriors, anticipation runs high among fans. His promotion to the team's roster signals a new chapter filled with excitement and potential. With Quinones on board, the Golden State Warriors are poised to reach new heights. His presence adds depth to the team's lineup and enhances their chances of success on both ends of the court.