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Going Postal


Shockingly Good

After reading the letters to the editor in last week's CL edition (May 17) and seeing only one item regarding your story about the Howards ("Pimpin' in the Queen City," by Tara Servatius, May 10) and that one was negative (somewhat) made me want to write you.

I found that story utterly shocking but like a good book I could not stop reading. The sub-plot of this all happening in Charlotte only added to the impact of your story. I feel Servatius deserves a hearty congratulations for bringing this tragic but very truthful issue to light. I firmly believe if it were not for her and her mates at CL, this kind of story would never see the light of day.

I have enjoyed many of Servatius' articles since moving to Charlotte a few years ago. She is an excellent writer with a bright future. I only hope she remains in Charlotte for awhile before moving on to bigger and better things.

-- Rob Tapia, Charlotte

Department of corrections

Due to an editing error, an article in our May 5 issue about Howard Dean ("Let Me Show You the Door") gave the incorrect cost of a fund-raiser he attended. The dinner cost was $20 per person.

Last week's story "Minimum Wage is at a Crisis Level" should have attributed data on the percentage of minimum-wage earners who live at home to the Employment Policy Institute. We regret the oversight.

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