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Goddess Kya




Kenya is her name but you can call her Kya if you're nasty -- Goddess Kya to be exact. Kenya is a dominatrix. "There is something empowering about being in complete control of someone. They can't make a single move unless you say so."

"People often think that men who need to be dominated are weak mama's boys, but in reality a lot of people who come to dominatrix are very powerful people. The more power they have in real life, the more submissive they want to be when they come to see me. They just want to turn over the reigns and take orders for a change."

Kenya feels that every woman has a little dom inside her. "People think I am a shy and timid person, but as soon as I put on my latex and leather and get going I am in another world. I love to bring people into that world."

Kenya has not always been so open about her self. "I grew up in a pretty strict religious home and was married very young to a much older man. My religion didn't allow me to be myself. I always knew what lurked inside me, but it wasn't until I began to accept that and appreciate that did I begin to come and to my own."

"Goddess Kya is sensual, dominant, dark and a bit sadistic." Kenya says, "But Kenya is a loving girl who just wants to be loved back." Check out her site at

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