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If you're one of those polite, gallery-crawling, Chardonnay-sipping art lovers, then you probably won't dig the art collective known as Godcity.

Attend a Godcity opening reception and -- unlike the Q.C.'s more demure First Friday art events -- you'll find a congregation of energetic bohemians talking art behind a soundtrack of Talib Kweli.

Formed in 2005, the body of work produced (to date) by this seven-deep crew (Antoine Williams, Marcus Kiser, John Hairston, Donavan Lyons, Dia, Wolly Vinyl and Biomechlizardchick) is loud, funky and saturated with divergent influences -- from politics to hip-hop to comic books. And although the Godcity artists create art in a wide variety of mediums (graffiti, Diego Rivera-styled murals, etc.), they all subscribe to one overarching manifesto: "To educate, enlighten, entertain and assist the people through artistic expression."

Earlier this year, the collective launched a number of individual and group shows (including the "80s Kids" show at The Art House) and even published a few comic books. This fall, however, you'll be able to see much more of Godcity. Here's a quick rundown of upcoming shows and events:

• Sept. 7 -- "One Day It Will All Make Sense" (John Hairston 's solo art show); Element Gallery

• Sept. 9 -- Movie screening : Kirikou and the Sorceress; Kevin Starr Art Studio

• Sept. 14 -- "Human Element" (Group art show and poetry reading); Davidson College

• Nov. 2 -- "Let the Rythm Hit'Em" group art show with music; The Evening Muse

• Nov. (exact date TBA) -- "For The People" group art show; Beatties Ford Library

• Dec. 7 -- "Abstract Expressions" (Dia's solo art show); Canvas Monkey

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