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In response to a fister who hadn't told his girlfriend about his kink (CL, July 29), you wrote, "At three years, all your kink cards should be lying face up on the table." Really? Then my husband and I screwed up. We've been married for 19 years, and he told me only five years ago that he wanted to be spanked. Less than two years ago, he mentioned that he had been to a dominatrix before we met. I thought we had talked about everything when it came to sex and fantasies. I was wrong.

While I have your attention: I'm having a problem with the spanking. It just isn't my thing. I told my husband he could go to a dominatrix if that would satisfy his needs. He agreed to go if I watched the session. I'm not sure I can do that, either. Well, guess what? We can't even find one in our part of the country. I hate to think we need to plan a special trip outside to visit a dominatrix ("outside" means Lower 48 in Alaska slang). I can't imagine scheduling something like that when we're on vacation visiting kids, family, and friends. Any suggestions?

Not Into Spanking

You didn't screw up, NIS, your husband did — he's the one who didn't lay down his kink cards.

I find this bit absolutely astounding: You gave your husband permission to see a professional dominatrix — a permission slip that countless submissive married men would be thrilled to have — and he responded by placing conditions on you? His desire to include you is a good sign (he's just that into you), but he's either an ingrate or a bossy, passive-aggressive, domineering douchesub for responding like that. You're in a better position to judge which one he is.

My advice: Stand your ground. He has your blessing to go get his spank on — on his own. The accommodation you've proposed is reasonable and generous, and he should be grateful. He doesn't have to travel to the big city to see a pro with a fully tricked-out dungeon: Most sex workers are happy to indulge their clients' milder kinks, and spanking — as opposed to flogging, caning, sandblasting, etc. — definitely qualifies as mild.

If you do find yourself in the Lower 48, just tell your kids, family, and friends that you're slipping out for a romantic meal. Accompany your husband to the studio, say hello to the nice dominatrix, and hand your husband over for punishment. Then you can retire to a nice restaurant and have the cocktail you deserve while your husband gets the spanking he deserves. And once your husband arrives, have that romantic meal.

Getting married soon. We want to put a note in the invitation requesting donations to organizations fighting for marriage equality in lieu of gifts. Which organization is fighting the hardest/most effectively in your view?

Gonna Get Married

Freedom to Marry (, National Center for Lesbian Rights (, and GetEQUAL ( — and thanks and congrats, GGM!

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