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Give 'em enough Roper. . .

Plus, a light breakfast


Radio is making media news in Charlotte. First is the "don't talk to me, talk to my lawyer" story unfolding at WSOC-FM. That's where morning drive sidekick Carrie Ann Boggess is suing top-rated country DJ Jeff Roper and the station, claiming intimidation and harassment during her 15 months on the job. She's currently off-the-air and on medical leave.

Lips are zipped until this one goes to court (Boggess wants a jury trial and damages in excess of $10,000, a relatively minor amount in these days of mega-suits), but if her claims are true, Roper would have some "splainin' to do to management and listeners. Boggess alleges that Roper repeatedly directed outbursts of anger toward her, among other claims.

If true, it paints Roper as a hothead with an ego to match; if untrue, Boggess looks like a sour grapes second banana looking for cash and payback. This will be one to watch.

Also worth checking out is the unexpected shuffle on WPEG-FM in the mornings, as it reconfigures the former "Breakfast Brothas" show. Two main personalities, B.J. Murphy and Derrick Jacobs ("Fly Ty"), left the breakfast table for a bigger station in Dallas, Texas, and are now co-hosting a show there. "The All-New Morning Show" adds No Limit Larry to the current mix of personalities, led by Tone-X and Janine Davis. It's a mix that needs to work in order to keep WPEG tops in the mornings. Hopefully, they'll be able to come up with a better name, too.

The wacky world of radio gets wackier in Washington, DC, as three unlikely former Charlotte radioheads are now working together (again) at WMAL Radio, a news-talk station carrying right-wing talkers Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Turns out fired WBT-AM host Michael Graham has his own show on that station now, and his boss is none other than the guy who bounced him in Charlotte, former WBT-AM program director Randall Bloomquist. And if you really want to spin off your axis, want to guess who is producing Graham's show? It's none other than left-leaning former CL columnist and fellow bouncee at WBT-AM, Jerry Klein. Told you broadcasting is a parallel universe.

And in TV Land, glad to hear from WTVI that it's gotten permission from PBS to add more local programming hours to their mix. Plans include a weekly magazine show, and a locally produced animated kids' show among other ideas. You know the mantra around here: local is better. Usually. Stay tuned.

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