GitGo, Great Architect, Bell-power

When: Fri., May 10 2013

GITGO These Chicago improvisers, led by pianist and composer Paul Giallorenzo, court both post-bop bounce and free jazz exploration on their compelling new sophomore release, Emergent. Giallorenzo plays clean, unencumbered lines, like Thelonious Monk pecking out melodies through the blues touch of Mal Waldron. The Waldron comparison, which one often hears in connection with Giallorenzo, is made even more apt by the quintet’s occasional foray into Charles Mingus territory — N.C.-based trombone ace and Vandemark 5 co-founder Jeb Bishop even sounds a bit like Jimmy Knepper here, too. Saxophonist Mars Williams finds a middle ground between the stridency of Jackie McLean and Eric Dolphy’s note torrents, and the rhythm section of bassist Anton Hatwich and drummer Marc Riordan swing with the current or into it with equal aplomb. The band’s new moniker shortens what Giallorenzo used initially for their debut, Get In to Go Out, but that phrase is still apropos — GitGo builds a solid jazz foundation to take off from, and they do it impeccably. This show will appeal equally to more adventurous trad fans (think Blue Note, circa ‘64-’66) and those for whom the emphasis is on the first beat of “free jazz.” With Great Architect and bell-power (Moenda’s Ross Wilbanks). Donations encouraged.

John Schacht


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