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Giovanni Gonzalez, a marketing manager with his hands in everything

Also the founder of Kidnice Entertainment and a promoter



Creative Loafing: What all do you have going on these days?

Giovani Gonzalez: All of the artists that I'm working with — Danielle Soul, Kyle Biddy, DJ Shogun, Brody and Choch, Crazyhorse and Colston, Liddle Ugleez — have music that hasn't been released yet. Under [his company] Kidnice [Entertainment], we also have Kurt Shackelford, who is a junior manager with us working with Cameron Floyd and Lindsay Kosma. This past weekend, we worked on a music video in Asheville and had a show in Asheville. My role as a manager has been to help build them a career, branding them, setting up an LLC for their business and all of those things.

What was your involvement with Gets F*cking Weird?

I met Kyle and Ryan [Hart of Boy Beats World] at a Mac Miller after-party. They were wanting help getting on some local shows, and I suggested they just start their own. I created the logo, booked the Chop Shop for the first show and built the business back-end, prepped the contracts, booked the artists and tour. It became overwhelming and took away from other artists, so I finally stepped away from it earlier this year.

Did you replace it with something else?

Barnstock is my big project now. Miles Brown has been running it with his family. It wasn't pro, they were just having a good time. There's nothing wrong with a bunch of kids putting a show together for a good cause. They always booked Brody and Choch and then asked me for help last year. We started putting it together in February — marketing, talent buying, etc. They never had the marketing infrastructure before. We're already meeting to talk about potential lineups for next year. I'm also going to start helping with the marketing for ShoMo Live (a Website to connect bands and venues for booking shows). Half of the battle is marketing, half of it is knowing people ... well, that and money. You have to have money.

And you're also involved with Silent Disco.

I'm working with a technology company out of Ohio, Silent Storm Sound System. We partnered with them and did promotion. We only did one at the EpiCentre this year, and it went really well. We also did Silent Disco at Barnstock. We're hoping to get a series going in town — I'm still meeting with people to work everything out.

You're doing a little bit of everything.

Two things I love are marketing and music. I love Charlotte. I had the opportunity to move to New York, but I think there's more here. I've worked on a festival, managed some awesome artists and would rather be here. Anytime you see us do something, you know it's quality and not just because I need money in the bank.

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