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Getting lubed up at local bar

Happy discoveries of my new neighborhood



My roommates and I recently decided to celebrate our new townhouse and drink off the pain in the ass we got from the tedious moving process.

As we checked out our new 'hood, we opted to follow the direction of the arrow that told us to "EAT," which pointed us to Quaker Steak & Lube off Woodlawn. I was confused -- were we going to get dinner and drinks, or get an oil change? (The thought made me look at the little sticker on my windshield, reminding me I am 1,000 miles overdue for one.)

We walked past a NASCAR car decorating the entrance and entered through the patio, only to walk into a game of beer pong. Let's just say the Lube made a great first impression on me.

Rather than hunt down the hostess, we sat ourselves at the bar to order our LUBE-ricants. Lucky for us, we just happened to wander in on a Wednesday, which is their 1-2-3 night, along with 25-cent wings and $1 domestic (and that's bottle and tap in case you were wondering). The regular's favorite is the "lube tube," which is essentially a massive pitcher with a spout. After looking at the menu, which is more like reading a novel, we ordered wings in every sauce imaginable, except for the atomic, which is so hot you have to sign a waiver before eating. But rather than wait for our food, we migrated to the patio to take our spot on the beer pong table that some patrons set up in a covert operation. I felt like I was 16 again, sneaking beer pong in my parents' basement. We made some new friends in our new 'hood and then beat them in beer pong.

It was very NASCAR in terms of the ambiance and crowd. All I could think about was Ricky Bobby and Borat discussing crepes vs. pancakes because it is where that scene from Talladega Nights was filmed. They even have NASCAR memorabilia for sale; I bought a Kevin Harvick stand up for the house (I may have had too many $1 domestics).

Cason-point: Quaker Steak & Lube is a happening place to eat and party (not get your oil changed). Later that week, I drove by and saw a live band playing to a virtually empty parking lot, but hey, rock on!

And right across the street over at Park Town Village are Hef's Bar & Grill and Blonde Lounge -- two separate chill bars related by name connotation and ownership. Meanwhile, Duckworth's CheeseSteakery just opened up. Just chilling out on the patio under the lights with my roomies makes for the best nights -- and you can even do so with live music. The band III will be there July 27 and 28; therefore so will I.

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