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Subject: Sandy Snead. Tucked among the colorful shops, coffeehouses and restaurants in NoDa is Lark & Key. This mom-and-pop gallery and boutique, offerig jewelry, sculptures, prints and more, is co-owned by Snead.

On Opening Lark & Key: Owning and operating a gallery and boutique has been a dream that my partner, Duy Huynh, and I have shared for several years. Duy is a successful painter exhibiting at several galleries around the country, while my background includes graphic design, visual display, textile design and a jewelry/collage business called Adorn. Lark & Key brought everything together for us and allows us to not only share our work, but that of many artists and designers who have inspired us. The gallery represents our aesthetic and a belief that everyone should be able to enjoy art.

People's Connection With Art: There is instant gratification in having a customer walk into our store and connect with something, whether it's a $5 card, a $50 necklace or a $5,000 painting.

The Creative Process: The creative process can be difficult at times, but I'm constantly engaged and impressed with people who aren't afraid to take the journey of creating and putting themselves out there for the public to view and judge. They inspire me in my own artistic ventures.

Future Of Art In Charlotte: I think Charlotte is already a great place for art. I think that the growth of the city will have a positive influence on the art scene. It should enhance what is already here and hopefully bring a surge of people who will help the scene move forward.

Lark & Key is located at 453-B East 36th St. More info: 704-379-1826 or

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