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Subject: Linda York Fisher. Fort Mill writer Linda York Fisher's dream of publishing a full-length novel has finally been realized. Her first book, Enraged: One Man's Journey into Freedom (Outskirts Press, $12.95), was 20 years in the making; a former Charlotte native, she put her writing dreams aside while she raised a family and held a full-time job. Enraged tells the story of drifter John Trent, whose life of lies and deceit sends him spiraling into madness.

Inspiration For The Book: "I was at a rummage sale one day, and there was this music playing in the background. It was made with a recorder, and it was just so entrancing, it just stuck in my head. From that, the story began to take shape."

Writing Process: "During the years it took to write this book, I would steal away one or two hours wherever I could to write. When I write, I need everything to be quiet around me. I actually go into the story and become the characters. My family says it's like a trance."

Future Plans: "There's a screenplay that has been written for Enraged, and I would love to see it turned into a movie. I'm also working on a second book, one that takes place during World War II."

Enraged: One Man's Journey to Freedom is available for purchase or download at

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