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Getting Around: The Transportation Issue


You'd think the fine art of transportation would be a simple thing; believe it or not, it's anything but.

Not only is the act of getting from "Point A" to "Point B" complicated because of the various modes we use to travel -- cars, buses, trains, bikes, feet, etc. -- but it's also complex due to the issues raised by trekking about.

Just reflect on it a bit: global warming, poverty, racism, sexuality, crime -- all those (and many more) societal situations come to mind when we analyze the idea of transportation.

That being the case, we at Creative Loafing thought it would be cool to examine the many ways Charlotteans travel about town and the surrounding area ... and what issues arise in the Queen City as a result of getting around.

Braking up is hard to do

Carless in the Queen City

Street life

CATS chat

Will Zipcar park in Charlotte?

The 7th Annual Charlotte Transporter Show



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