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Local Music Folk Recap 2002

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They say the Christmas season is a time to pause and reflect on the year that was. You read the Loaf's picks of the best of 2002 last week. Being generous folk, we decided to ask a sampling of local music types for their picks of the best and worst of 2002. Some picked mind-blowing shows -- others picked CDs that stayed in the changer for most of the year. A few doted on their kids (some didn't bother to reply at all, so we'll assume their year wasn't very pleasant). Following are their responses, edited for space (some others, it seems, had a very good year. Or maybe they just needed company...):

Matt Bolick (Club DJ at Liquid Lounge) 1. Winter Music Conference Miami. Every year gets better, good friends, great DJs, no sleep.

2. Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head. Do not miss this fantastic band when they come to town.

3. DJ Colette at Liquid Lounge. Simply breathtaking, those who were there remember.

4. The birth of my nephew in November.

5. Electroclash...will it take root in the Carolinas?

Divakar (Host of 90 Minutes & Outta The Box on 106.5 WEND FM) 1. Justincase gets signed to a major label. After following these guys for the last three years, I've seen these kids grow up and grow musically.

2. Best of 90 Minutes Vol. 2 CD. The station released a compilation featuring 10 local bands that gave all the bands great exposure in the Carolinas and around the Southeast.

3. The Hornets flying off to the Big Easy! I know it's not really related to music, but it does open up the coliseum for more concert dates.

4. Favorite Concert: The 8th annual "End of Summer Weenie Roast." I personally love the Weenie because I've been to the previous seven and have seen it grow from an idea to being one of the biggest concerts year after year.

5. Local Venues: Kudos to the music venues for booking local bands. A few years ago, it was hard to find a venue that catered to local music -- now we have several. The music talent in the Carolinas is tremendous and having great local music venues will serve to nurture these talented musicians.

Justin Faircloth (Houston Brothers, Goldenrods, Les Dirt Clods)1. Goldenrods at SXSW [Music Conference] in Austin, TX. We had no choice but to coin our first (and, to date, only) band rule: Each member is responsible for changing his socks on a daily basis while on tour.

2. Record of the Year: Flaming Lips, Yashimi Battles the Pink Robots.

3. Old Fave Resurrected: Ravi Shankar, The Sounds of India. Wow. Five quick, easy(!) lessons on how to be one bad tantric motherfucker.

4. Amy K [from Snagglepuss] and Corey [from Babyshaker]. Local superpowers.

5. Most Spun Record of the Year [at home]: Soundtrack to Annie. My 4-year-old daughter's rendition of "Maybe" is not to be missed and we do a bunkhouse-brawl duet of "Together at Last" that's cool.

Derrick Hines (Baleen, X-periment)This has been a landmark year in entertainment, no doubt, with the return of live music on the pop charts, the new Roots and Common CDs, fantasy making big waves on the big screen -- via The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter -- Sheila E.'s return to Prince's crew, and Baleen's performances up and down the East Coast (shameless, I know). But the biggest highlight for me will forever be the birth of my beautiful son Akello Amani Hines, born January 3, 2002.

Jamie Hoover(Spongetones, Producer/Engineer)1. I'm really happy (to steal a cool quote from an NPR commentator) with how the mid-term elections turned out....on The West Wing.

2. I'm very happy for Justincase. I hope they hit one out of the park! It's an ugly job, but someone's got to do it.

3. Thank God for all bands everywhere that still feel the need to create original music, in an age where nobody really buys it anymore.

4. Congrats to Unknown Hinson on his record deal! "The future is Unknown."

5. Special thanks to my wife Linda, and my three life-long brothers -- Steve Stoeckel, Patrick Walters, and Rob Thorne. Without their friendship and life would suck.

Tony James(Semi-Pro)1. Favorite CDs: Queens of the Stone Age, Songs for the Deaf; Superjoint Ritual Use Once and Destroy; Fantomas/Melvins Millennium Monsterwork.

2. Best Show: Queens of the Stone Age in Atlanta at the Cotton Club with Dave Grohl.

3. General Best/Favorite: Kurt Cobain's Journals. If you haven't got this, it's killer and inspirational, straight outta Kurt's pen.

Chris Peigler (My So-Called Band)Top 5 Live Show Experiences of the Year:

1. The Chair Pit at the Boiling Point. It's not a band but something I witnessed. The audience took about six office chairs with wheels while my band played and started a chair pit creating a human bumper car effect.

2. Dillinger 4/Toys That Kill/ Rivethead/ The Scaries at Tremont Music Hall. This last-minute booking on a rain-drenched Sunday brought out only about 50 people but none of the bands seemed to mind much.

3. Toxic Narcotic/Two Man Advantage/ Daycare Swindlers/MIP at Tremont Music Hall. Two Man Advantage, a hockey-themed punk band who perform in uniforms, propelled the crowd to mucho mosh pit insanity.

4. Joan Jett at Dixie's Tavern. I really enjoyed the clash of cultures. I had to wonder what the casually but conservatively dressed young banker crowd who frequent Dixie's thought of Joan's skinny, spikey-haired lead guitarist in his red vinyl miniskirt and black leggings.

5. Punk Wars "02 at Tremont Music Hall. Our friend, Sean Lykins, booked and tirelessly promoted his first ever show using only local and regional bands and he sold out The Casbah!

Henry Pharr (Major Nelson)1. The Good: The making of our most recent CD, Twilight Promises with Jamie Hoover. We all tested our boundaries and came up with something that outmatched anything we've done before.

2. The Bad: The recurrent downward spiral of most popular music in the past year. Neil Young was never more on point when he said, "Do you ever feel like the world has tamed you...." Not us, but certainly most of the music that made news in 2002.

3. The Ugly: The continued decline in interest in local and regional music. Was I just hallucinating, or did people used to come out to see live music that wasn't pre-packaged and ready for easy consumption?

4. The Past: The death of John Entwistle. As much as I hated to hear of his death, it reminds me of mortality and the transience of the musician.

5. The Future: Thank God for the Down from the Mountain Tour, Tift Merritt and Wilco's Yankee Foxtrot Hotel CD and video. A little candle of light in the darkness of Backstreet Boys, J-lo, the "new" Mariah Carey and other assorted nonsense.

Gideon Smith (Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned)1. Best Electricity Event: Getting my power back on after seven days in the dark and cold. My house seemed like "the long dark of moria" forcing me to write endless acoustic songs that sound like Nick Drake and Ronnie Van Zant on acid somewhere in Poland.

2. Most Artistic Moment: Gettin' new tattoos at Old Glory.

3. Worst Moment: R.I.P. Boo [of Animal Bag, Dixie Damned]...Rest In Space.

4. Most Fun: Jose Carlos and I showing up as murderous zombies in Come Get Some horror film.

5. Biggest Musical Moments: Showing up on a Fox Sports Network motorcycle show; laying down new songs with Mike Kelleher, Brad Fury, Jose Wright, Jeff Hale, and Mark Binion; recording some new swampy blues and acoustic songs with Gina Stewart and Brenda Gambill.

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