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Gettin' Dirrrtttyyy

Saturday, August 4



It takes some kind of sadist to willfully endure the obstacles presented to those a part of an elite squad of physically and mentally trained militia we know as the Marines. Well, my friend, that's exactly what a special fundraising event for injured Marines, sailors and their families is giving you the opportunity to do. Get your three most athletic friends together, dust off your weight-rack, run a couple of half-cocked, corner-cut laps around the yard (all before your next Newport) and get in shape for the inaugural Mud Run at Belmont Abbey College. It consists of a 3.8-mile on and off-road run with obstacles, low-crawling, sand bag carries, and a mud pit. You also have a chance to meet some of "the few, the proud, the Marines." Proceeds benefit Wounded Warrior Barracks at Camp Lejeune. Go on and collect your braggin' rights. 8:30 a.m. $25. Belmont Abbey College, 100 Belmont-Mt. Holly Road.


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