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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness day



National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness day is Wednesday, the day the Loaf hits the streets. The rate of reported AIDS cases among African-American men is eight times that of white men. Among black women, it is 25 times that of their white counterparts.

• HIV infections reported in Mecklenburg County in 2005:

African-American men -- 49 percent

African-American women -- 20 percent

White men -- 21 percent

White Women -- 3 percent

• Top three methods of HIV/AIDS transmission among U.S. black males, 2005:

Male-to-male sex -- 48 percent

IV drug use -- 23 percent

Hetero contact -- 22 percent

• Among U.S. black females, 2005:

Hetero sex -- 74

IV drug use -- 24

• Among U.S. women of all races, 2005:

Hetero sex -- 80

IV drug use -- 19

Sources: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; National Institutes of Health; Mecklenburg County Health Department.

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