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I've got a new, efficient way to save time while keeping up on pop culture. It may seem like skipping to the end of a murder mystery book, but you'll thank me later on: Just watch the finale!

Within the sometimes interesting, and often god-awful TV genre we call "reality," it's hard to keep up with which Bachelor is which, which Idol sang like crap last week, and which rhinoplasty "changed the life" (insert snicker here) for an ugly duckling.

It worked for the finale of The Apprentice. I did this crazy thing where I only watched the last half-hour of the whole 13-week series. It's always worth seeing how executive producer Mark Burnett (also the creator of Survivor) pulls off the big finish, and this show had been flogged in magazines, promos, and The Today Show so much, I figured out who was who, and knew that a guy with Charlotte ties, Kwame Jackson, was in the final. So the live "reveal" -- after bad-comb-over ham Donald Trump hired the winner, Bill Rancic -- let me feel the excitement, but I still had time to empty the dishwasher and plant flowers.

Despite Kwame Jackson in the finale, TV ratings in the Charlotte market were much lower than the national average of an 18 rating and a 26 Nielsen share. WCNC had a 13 rating and a 19 share.

Attention Christmas Junkies: If you dream of a Christmas-decorated house that dazzles the neighborhood and blows your electric bill, there's a TV show that's looking for you, Charlotte.

Cornelius-based production company Tentmakers Entertainment is in pre-production for a cable program called Deck the Yard, and it's looking for three local families in the same neighborhood to compete by creating the best holiday display in their yard. You'll be given a budget and need some how-to-skills to get your blinking lights on. So, if your blood runs red and green, contact Tentmakers at 704-987-0847.

Rockin' Doughnuts I'd love to be a fly on the boardroom wall at Winston-Salem-based Krispy Kreme when they watch a tape of Chris Rock's latest HBO special. The comedian praised NC's famous doughnuts in a way we never imagined, by suggesting a new ad slogan. Rock said, "Krispy Kreme: tastes so good, you'll suck a d*ck!"

Stay tuned.

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