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Let's face it, everyone overeats during the holidays. With all of those pies, cakes and cookies just being passed around, it's hard not to gain holiday weight. But, no one wants to go into the New Year carrying the weight of Christmas (and Thanksgiving) past.

Instead of wasting money on a gym membership that you probably will only use for two weeks, there is a better way to burn calories: S-E-X.

And here are a few positions that should get your heart rate pumping and calories burning:

• Driving the Peg Home: The woman has her back against the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist and he holds her up during the act.

• Late Spring Donkey: The man thrusts into the woman from behind while holding her waist. She keeps her legs straight with her hands on the floor. Sort of like touching your toes, but a lot more fun.

• And finally, the Fitter-In: Both partners sit with their legs intertwined. The woman is on top and instead of a thrusting action, the couple seesaws gently back and forth. Do this at least three times a week for 45 minutes to an hour and watch the pounds melt away.

Source: Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra: Classic Love Making Techniques Reinterpreted for Today's Lovers.

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