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Gay Marriage

The gay marriage issue has heated up, including President Bush's proposal for a Constitutional amendment to ban it. What's your opinion?

Chris Armstrong
"It's great, I was getting tired of hearing about jobs and deficits and war and Halliburton. I mean, hel-lo? Let's keep moving, people."

Ella McElvey
Rental Property Manager
"We should all just keep talking about it for the next five years, then all the gay people will be married anyhow and the whole thing will die out."

Eugene Whiteside
Real Estate Agent
"Funny you should ask. Lloyd and I are packing up and moving to San Francisco, so. . . sayonara, you goobs."

Olivia Courtney-Jones
Salon Owner
"I fully support the President and his amendment idea. In fact, any little ole thought that runs through the President's head should be turned into a Constitutional amendment."

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