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Garlana Hill


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Garlana Hill knows clothes -- and that's a good thing because she makes her living as an apparel sales rep, a stylist and a designer.

A native of Birmingham, Ala., Hill started her fashion career as a design assistant for a custom bridal and eveningwear designer. "It gave me the chance to see how to structure your business and how to satisfy customers," she says. "It's a really fine line between wanting to communicate what's in your garment and what you want people to see as your signature and then giving the person the ideal image that they asked for."

By day, you can catch her selling fancy threads at SouthPark Mall's Anthropologie retail shop. "I love the company and the eclecticism in the store," says Hill.

When she's not at Anthropologie, she's putting in time as senior stylist at Harris & Barnes Image Consulting. "Our clientele is mostly corporate people who want to redo their wardrobe," Hill says. "We do personal shopping and create your wardrobe based on what you need and how you see yourself."

What's the most common fashion mistake? "Wearing the wrong size -- [clothes that are] too tight," she explains. "Forget about the numbers. We don't know what's a true [size] six anymore. If it fits, put it on."

"My perspective of fashion is that you should always dress in a way to create your world for yourself," she says. "You have no control over what's going to happen, or what people think, but you can control what you put on."


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