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Garin Hyde's Top Five

Local Musician


A product of culturally sound parents, Garin Hyde has been playing guitar and singing for a decade. He draws his musical influences from his mom, who was in several bands in her day, and he appreciates theater because of his dad (who teaches theater). Hyde was most recently a part of Clinch, a band based in Gastonia.

1) Musical Influences: Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and brutal metal bands in general.

2) Musical He Hopes To See: "I've heard a lot about Evil Dead: The Musical. I've heard a lot of great things about it. I would travel all the way to New York just to see that."

3) Best place to perform: "I've performed at Tremont before, but the best place was Amos' SouthEnd, before it was remodeled. It was more like an alleyway back then."

4) Movie: Anchorman. "I could do movie clips from that movie all day long."

5) Book: "I was reading Pet Cematary, by Stephen King. I'm really into Stephen King books, but lately I've been writing a lot. I'm working on a fictional biography."

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