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From Rehearsal to Recording

How to find a local place to practice or record



So, you've written the greatest batch of songs since Revolver or Fear of a Black Planet. Now what?

If you're like many musicians these days, you head down to the basement and the Pro-Tools program or analog recorder and take care of business yourself. But for some, home recording isn't an option. If that's the case, Charlotte offers some top-notch recording studios and producers to help get your genius (various terms apply) out to the masses. And don't forget the rehearsal spaces where you and your musical mates can bone up for your studio time or live dates.

Home recording is so popular these days because of its convenience and, even more importantly, its cost effectiveness. Since the "time = money" equation really applies, the folks at Old House Studio offer the following indispensable pointers, which applies to any studio a musician opts for:

"The best advice we can offer is to suggest that you plan well, rehearse, make sure that your instruments and equipment are in good working order, and know what you plan to achieve in the time you've allotted. Anything that you can do along those lines before you get to the studio means you'll be doing those things while you're not paying for studio time."

With those basics in mind, we offer a partial list of some of Charlotte's recording studios and rehearsal spaces.


Asylum Digital

Scott Slagle, chief engineer/producer

Clients: Black Mafia Family, Ron Brendel, Bullship, DJ Jah Freedom, DJ Smash, Anthony Hamilton, McClintock G's, Soulganic, Sunny Ledfurd, Ween

Rates: Contact studio

Audio Works Sound Studio

Mark Lambert, chief engineer/producer

Clients: Situationals, Shuffletown

Rates: Contact studio

Catalyst Recording

Rob Tavaglione, chief engineer/producer

Clients: Angwish, Audiform, Black Lagoon, Dead Kings, Drat, Murdercycle, Scapegoat, The Turnstiles, The X-Periment

Rates: $40/$270 (8-hour blocks). Mixing, mastering and remote recording available.

Hooverama @ Liquid Studios

Jamie Hoover, chief engineer

Clients: Todd Busch, David Childers, Don Dixon, Fetchin' Bones, The Rank Outsiders, Dave Rhames, The Spongetones, The Talk

Rates: Contact studio

Old House Studio

Chris Garges, chief engineer

David Childers & The Modern Don Juans, Contagious Blues Band, Nicole Atkins, Mike Strauss, Bill Noonan, Rick Spreitzer

Rates: Sliding scale for day (preferred) or hourly; 50 percent deposit required on booked time. Mixing and studio gear available.

Reflection Sound Studio

Bob Engel, Bruce Irvine, Mark Williams -- engineers/producers

Yolanda Adams, Aerosmith, Ben Folds Five, David Childers, The Connells, Everclear, Al Kooper, Lou Ford, R.E.M., Cece Winnans

Rates: Contact studio. Remote recording, mixing and mastering available.

Sioux Sioux Studio

Chris Walldorf, chief engineer/producer

A Decent Animal, Buschovski, Eastern Seaboard, gogoPilot, Project Bluebird, Pyramid, Sea of Cortez

Rates: $50/$400 (10-hour day). Mixing available.

Studio B (mastering only)

Dave Harris, chief engineer

Clients: ANTiSeen, Aqualads, Chatham County Line, Mitch Easter, the Houstons, La Rua, Lou Ford, Marah, Tift Merritt, The Noises 10, Poprocket, Portastatic, The Rosebuds, Two Dollar Pistols

Rates: $90 per hour.


Bandtastic Studios

Floor map/pricing: Nine rooms ranging from 10.5x10 to 19x17, with central heat & A/C, commercial carpeting, drop ceilings, 20 amp outlets, 24 hour/7-day access, ADT alarm system. Non-smoking facility.

No gear included

Charlotte Rehearsal Studios

Floor map/pricing: Four rooms available at hourly/weekly/monthly rates; gear available, heat and A/C

[email protected]

NC Music Factory

Floor map/pricing: 27 rooms at $225/$275, 4-month leasing minimum, $200 and first month at signing. 24-hour access, heating and A/C, carpeted rooms, gear storage $75 per month. Recording studio available at $1,000 per week.

[email protected]

The Playroom

Floor map/pricing: Seventeen rooms of various sizes; $285/$350 monthly (hourly/day rates available); gear available.

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