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Free Agentz Get Signed

SignedLocal label releases group's debut


Charlotte-based label BustBack Entertainment recently announced the release of the debut album from The Free Agentz. The group is a five-piece hip hop act consisting of a couple of local natives who have been joined by performers from Brooklyn, Houston and Detroit. The album, titled BustBack 2, features 12 tracks and was recorded in New York City and Long Island. Their first single, "I Go Hard," can be heard locally on Power 98 and Hot 92.7. For more details, check out

Hardcore Lounge, featuring brothers Wesley and Chris Johnson, has a new line-up, which consists of guitarist Jack McGill and drummer Don Jordan. Both played in an early version of The Ravelers, as well as in other various local acts. The band is currently recording demos, and this Saturday they'll be hosting The Full Moon Party at the Visulite Theatre. Along with dancers, flamethrowers, DJs and a video of the Full Moon Party held in Thailand -- which was filmed by the Johnsons -- the show will feature an appearance from Marzapan. This new project features three members from Black Lagoon and Rob Tavaglione of Catalyst Recordings. Note: Black Lagoon recorded a 5-song EP with Tavaglione this summer titled Laguna Negra. The EP should be ready for release next month. In the meantime, sound files can be heard at

Eric Crays of CraysE Productions (current booker for Mojo Restaurant & Spirits) has announced he'll begin hosting a regular local/regional showcase each month at the Visulite Theatre. Crays will call the evening Thursday's Vision and the first one is set for this week on September 19. The show will feature Skydog Gypsy, a three-piece from Columbus, GA, along with locals Acme Anvil Company and Toast NC. For more details, check out

Speaking of Acme Anvil Company, they'll often be joined now by singer/guitarist Eric Lovell. Living up to his well-regarded reputation, Lovell will be doing the multi-instrument thing, as well as adding harmony vocals. Although the band's ever-changing line-up continues to evolve, typically a show will feature Rives Crump (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Shaw (vocals/guitar), Brett Banks (bass), Al Sergel (drums/vocals), Steve Burgess (percussion) and Lovell on pedal steel, mandolin and vocals. But, for their next show (mentioned above) on September 19 at the Visulite, David Stewart, lead guitarist for the Blue Dogs, will be on bass and Brian Sullivan will be on drums. Crump says it's actually kind of fun to have two different bass players and drummers because it gives every show a different vibe. "For better or worse," he laughs.

Poprocket has finally announced who their new bassist is: Jenny Plyer of Maryland. Plyer ironically played in a band called Popgun in her home state. Their first local show together is Thursday, October 10, at the Evening Muse.

Nasty Promotions is hosting a show on Friday, September 20, at Tremont Music Hall. On the bill is a new band called Etheric, which features former members of Five Times Down. Status Flow headlines and 10 Missing Days will also perform.

Green Light is currently working on their second release, which will feature a combination of studio and live tracks. The band performed at the sold-out Mannerland Festival in Snow Camp, NC last week.

The acoustic duo Paul & Jannette has launched a website recently at

Scott English, ex-frontman for Chief Joy, recently recorded a song about 9/11 titled "Today." He sent a copy of the tune to WLNK-FM (The Link) which in turn featured the song several times during Bob & Sheri's one-year anniversary coverage last week.

Abe Reid will be among the many featured performers on the UNC-TV special "Piedmont Blues: North Carolina Style," which will air at 10pm Sunday, September 22. For more info, go to

The Redemption Recording Company has released the first edition of their "Versus Series" and North Carolina was one of the two states selected for the compilation. The double disc set, titled NE vs. NC, features 17 songs from each of the states. Carolina bands featured on the disc include The Scaries, Alli with an I, One Six Conspiracy, Kid Icarus, Sorry About Dresden, Beloved and Brazilia. The label, currently based in Los Angeles, originated in Omaha, NE. Founder Ryan Kuper says he considered NC to be the perfect choice because the state is home to several Omaha expatriates (referring to members of Sorry About Dresden and The Scaries). For more info, go to

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