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Fire-Related Injuries In Charlotte On The Rise



The rate of injuries caused by residential fires in North Carolina is 7.5 points greater than the national average, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Fire is one of the biggest dangers in homes across Charlotte and can result in significant home repairs. For example, one recent house fire in the city caused approximately $40,000 worth of damage. But just what is behind these dangerous and sometimes deadly property fires?

Domestic appliances

The fire in July at Southwinds Drive was reported to have been caused by a household dryer. The 9 residents of the property - including 6 children - were lucky to have escaped the blaze which was dealt with by the Charlotte Fire department. Household dryers are reported to be the cause of almost 3,000 fires every year in The States. There are simple things you can do to prevent your dryer from becoming a fire hazard, including regularly cleaning the lint filters. An annual dryer inspection is also recommended. If your dryer shows signs of wear and tear or develops a fault, don’t risk using it. Dryers can often be repaired by professional traders efficiently. A dryer repair also tends to be cheaper than buying a new machine, so there’s no need to worry about it costing you a fortune to keep your home safe.

Cooking in the home

In February of this year, the Charlotte Fire Department announced on social media that cooking is the main cause of house fires in the local area. Leaving hot pots and pans unattended is a leading cause of cooking fires, and something you should never do. Sadly, a person lost their life in Kelston Place, East Charlotte in July when an unattended cooking fire got out of hand. It’s also important that you keep fire hazards, such as dishcloths, dish towels and long, loose sleeves from naked flames as these items can quickly catch and spread fire.

Portable heaters

Portable heaters are handy in residential homes in Charlotte when the weather takes a turn. However, they are also a major cause of residential fires if used unsafely. In 2017, an electric heater caused $15,000 worth of damage in a home on Bethel Road due to it being placed too close to combustible materials. When using a portable heater, always read the instructions regarding how far away it should be located from items, such as clothing and curtains. It’s also important that you keep water and drinks away from the heater at all times.

There are multiple dangers in the home that can cause a fire. To ensure that you're as safe as can be in your Charlotte property, always take steps to prevent a fire from occurring.


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