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Finnegan Bell’s Top 5



Shane Williams, otherwise known as Finnegan Bell, moved to Charlotte in August to play church music with an old friend. With him, he brought his growing folk-rock solo career. He just released a demo online and expects the full album out by fall.

1) American Travel: "I have a hard time finding a cooler city on the east coast than Charleston."

2) World Travel: "We had a great little tour in northern England, in what they call lake country. We were there during the World Cup so that was great."

3) Restaurant: "300 East has been one of the best restaurants I have been to in a while. Their hummus tray is just phenomenal -- they make really good homemade hummus."

4) Movie: "Thank You For Smoking. I think it is really entertaining, but the cherry on top is when I can be thoroughly entertained, but also completely engaged. It is just a lot of feelings and it invokes a lot of truth. A really cool, good argument that we need to be having as people."

5) Music: "I do really love jazz. My brother was a big jazz source. That's kind of weird because I would never be able to play jazz."

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