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Finding a new home online


Between e-mails, text messaging, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Crack-berry chat, and three forms of IM -- I have certifiably gone ADD. Just checking my voicemail has become a mundane chore. I feel like I need to insert a chip in my ear to stay connected. It makes me miss the 20th century. But in a century where we have instant gratification in our communication, print papers are too slow to keep up with the high-speed Internet. With that said, many newspaper features are moving online ... my column included.

I have a new home in Creative Loafing ... online. QC After Dark is now Please stop by and visit. I'll do my best do be the hostess with mostest ... I mean, I'm no Martha Stewart by any means, but I can serve up some cultural enrichment, nightlife misadventures, scrapbooks of shenanigans, breaking nightlife news and free shit, like tickets to events and concerts.

That's ... and no, it's not a porn site.

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