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Final Crisis among comic book quick takes



This week, I picked up four or so comic books but (like a few weeks earlier) nothing really stood out as terribly good or bad. So here are my quick takes on all the titles I read:

Secret Invasion: Dark Reign No. 1 -- Writer Brian Michael Bendis pumps out another of his dialogue-heavy comics. Dark Reign is dull, but it does set up the new status quo of the Marvel Comics' universe. If you read even a few issues of Secret Invasion, you should probably read this, too.

Green Arrow and Black Canary No. 15 -- A new creative team debuts this issue -- after writer Judd Winick had been screwing up the title for more than a year -- but the story and art are still mediocre. I hate to be negative, but don't be surprised when this comic gets canceled in a few months.

Action Comics No. 872 -- This issue is part seven of the "New Krypton" crossover currently flowing through the "Superman Family" books. And, so far, the parts written by Geoff Johns (like this one) are the most enjoyable. Now, when I read the plot for this storyline -- where 100,000 Kryptonians return from the "dead" and take up residence on our fair planet -- I was excited. But the execution has been lacking some of the awe-inspiring elements you'd expect with thousands of "Supermen" roaming about. It's interesting, but it leaves me wanting.

Final Crisis No. 5 -- OK, writer Grant Morrison is finally getting in the groove with what was supposed to be a universe-shattering epic. For the most part, Crisis has seemed esoteric, confusing and a little silly. But I guess Morrison was just setting up the cool shit he's unleashing now. If you dropped this book, I'd suggest picking it up again.

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