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Fetuses On Parade

What do you think of the vans that were going around the city last week with large pictures of aborted fetuses on their sides?

Tiffany Farrell
Copy machine salesperson
"Hey, everybody knows there's no better way to change people's minds than to completely gross them out."

Stephen Kluszewski
Student Aid Adviser
"I agree with them completely, and if you're not pro-life, then it's exactly what you deserve. God bless you."

Millie J. Hoover
"I guess it was informative. My friend Ruth says she heard they're coming back each week with big pictures of all kinds of different medical procedures. I'm hoping they show how they remove cataracts."

John Sebring
Camera store owner
"Anti-abortion, huh? I didn't get a good look at them, I just saw a lot of blood. I thought it was an ad for a new movie or something."

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