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FESTIVAL: Hummingbird Festival at Reedy Creek Nature Preserve

Saturday, Aug. 22



You're sitting outside when something starts buzzing around you. You raise a hand to swat it away, thinking it's a bee, but you look up to see a hummingbird, hovering over your potted petunias. Whenever I see one, I tend to stalk it until it flies away -- annoyed at my persistent attention -- and leaves me disappointed and trying to remember what I was doing before it appeared. It's impossible to deny the allure of these tiny creatures and The Hummingbird Festival gives folks the chance to learn more about them. The festival will also feature games, music, vendors, crafts, and more. Free admission, but donations accepted. 10 a.m.--4 p.m. Reedy Creek Nature Preserve, 2900 Rocky River Rd. 704-598-8857.


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