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Fatherhood Unshrugged


As we prepare to celebrate Father's Day on June 16, let's first linger a bit on what a father provides. It is impossible to gauge the value of a father. The worth of the man that teaches his daughter how she should be treated by the opposite sex and shows his son the definition of a man is intangible. Notwithstanding, the prevalence of single mother homes continues to grow especially in the African-American community. And more detrimental is the connection lost between these fathers and their children resulting in behavioral disorders that lead to teen pregnancy, violence and imprisonment. Fathers 4 Justice (F4J), the American version of the British organization, advocates equal parenting rights. F4J is coordinating a march on the Mecklenburg County Courthouse to ring in "Happy FatherLESS Day" to stir up discussion on children's need for two parents. However, the American arm is a bit more conservative than their British counterparts, seen right staging a demonstration dressed as Batman at Buckingham Palace. Show your support by joining in the march and helping with legislation to "stop the war on fathers." Meet up at intersection of Kenilworth and Baxter.


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