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FASHION: Passport For Fashion

Saturday, April 16



I've always thought it'd be really cool to make a dress out of some old issues of Creative Loafing. Alas, the best I could probably do is fold together an origami hat — if that. But if you're interested in seeing what real artists can do when they take recyclable material and fashion it into a work of runway art, you should check out Passport For Fashion. This event, brought to you by Charlotte Seen, will feature three runway shows designed to make you want to recycle every old brochure and water bottle cap in your house. In addition, five local high-end fashion designers will be unveiling their recent designs. You can also enjoy food and wine tastings from various restaurants, a local vendor bazaar and knowing that a portion of the proceeds will benefit A Child's Place. For more information, visit or check out the Nightlife section in this issue. $20-$25. 6:30 p.m. ReelWorks Studio, 817 Hamilton St.


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