When: Sat., Sept. 28 2013

FANTASIA For a while, it seemed as though the only time you saw Fantasia Barrino’s name was in the news for non-music-related reasons or for some kind of “reality” television show. There was a 2010 drug overdose, a Maury-worthy lawsuit involving someone’s husband and other assorted tabloid fodder. That was all a distraction, really. Her recent album, Side Effects Of You, might just be her best yet, and provides solid footing for the singer to get back on track musically. It shows maturity and growth as a singer and songwriter, and also as a performer who is ready to triumph over the struggles of the past and prove that she has the talent to be known for her voice first and foremost. She shines on the album, offering everything from emotional to upbeat tracks that would give Rihanna (but not quite Janelle Monae) a run for her money. One can only imagine that this concert is going to be a return to form.

Jeff Hahne