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Fall Guide 2008

CL's picks for the best things going down this autumn



OK, I've got good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: Summer is almost over. Soon, there'll be no more cookouts, outdoor festivals or pool parties to attend. Boo hoo, right?

Well, don't fret. Here's the good news: Fall is right around the corner! And that means cooler weather, pretty leaves and rustic colors will soon abound. Fall also marks the time when young folks go back to school -- and folks of all ages partake in the bevy of artistic events that usually overtake the city.

On top of that, the coming of fall heralds the coming of Creative Loafing's annual Fall Guide.

As always, this year's edition features CL's picks for the best stuff going on all autumn -- from music, to theater, to visual arts, film and more. In addition, we've thrown hundreds of other fall-centric listings and tidbits -- and even a few college survival tips for our student readers out there.

So dry your eyes crybaby. You may not be able to do any more nude sunbathing near the wading pool, but you can still moon your neighbors while raking the leaves in your front yard. Hey, it was just a suggestion!

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