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Fake questions. Real answers.

Q: Where is the Tom Tomorrow comic strip? In fact, where are all the cartoons you guys used to run?



A: Before I answer that, I'm happy to say that this week's fake question is actually based on a real question! Weird, eh? The question was posed after we didn't run the This Modern World strip in the paper for a few weeks. In those instances, we didn't run the strip due to some space issues. We were trying make room for some bigger stories we were running in various parts of those issues. But the strip, by cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, did run on our blog, The CLog, when it wasn't running in the print edition.

Regarding the other comic strips we used to run, The City and Bizarro, we stopped running those to save some cash. Times are hard in the newspaper business, as you may know, and we at CL try to cut corners where we can.

On top of that, I didn't really think the cartoons were funny. Well, The City was funny ... sometimes.

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