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Ezekiel Cheney

The Chima Brazilian Steakhouse manager is "an open canvas when it comes to style"



Spotted at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in Uptown, Ezekiel Cheney is one of the restaurant's managers. Originally from Atlanta, Cheney says he's "an open canvas when it comes to style." Not to mention, the guy smells really good, too. When we shared that compliment, his eyes brightened. "It's Hermes!" he said enthusiastically. "I never go a moment without this scent on my body. It's such a fresh, citrus and light smell."

A man who dresses nice and understands the alluring aspects of cologne? Impressive.

(Photo by Justin Driscoll)
  • (Photo by Justin Driscoll)

Cheney says inspiration hits him when he sleeps. "I usually see looks in my dreams and try to execute the parts I can remember when I wake up. [Laughs] I can never plan what I'm going to wear the night before because I piece my best looks together at the last minute."

Sweater: Galliano cashmere sweater
"It's one of my favorites because it's so revealing and sexy, but still has a versatile quality that allows me to wear it day or night."

Pants: Armani Exchange
"I love them because I love to dance and can really move in them, and they're extremely lightweight."

Shoes: Ted Baker shoes from Revolution
"I have two pairs of this particular brand, but these were the most expensive. I believe in making good fashion investments because it's better to have 'pieces' in my closet, not just everyday wear."

"Well actually, I'm not wearing any socks. I really never wear socks unless I have to. Honestly, I love the way they look on my feet, but they make my feet sweat and I hate the way sweaty feet smell. [Laughs]."

Watch: Diesel
"This watch is very special to me. It was given to me by my favorite Lady Cat/BFF Brittney Kerr as a birthday gift."

Sunglasses: Prada
"These shades are very funky, retro and don't really go with the majority of my pieces, but when I saw them, I had to have them. I pull out these Pradas when I feel like taking people to the moon."

Underwear: Hugo Boss
"If anyone comes into my closet, they will see a variety of underwear in all colors and cuts. All of them are designer, because I invest in quality undergarments."