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EXHIBITION: Circus! at Discovery Place

Monday, Feb. 9



I often reminisce about all the things I loved about my childhood, like swinging on monkey bars and, of course, a visit to the circus. Whether it be creating my own version or going out to see Barnum and Bailey's, everything about the circus excited me. Now, the livelihood of the event can be relived as Discovery Place brings out its newest exhibition Circus!. Experience the in's and out's of what went on under the tents in this hands-on learning experience. Parts of the exhibition will include Circus Lingo where you can learn jargon used by performers, Circus Smells where you can stimulate your memory with the circus aromas, The High Wire where you can discover how physics, biology, and psychology all contribute to circus entertainment and a lot more. Through July 3. Free with museum admission. Discovery Place, 301 N. Tryon St. 704-372-6261.


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