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When: Sun., June 2 2013

FILTER Oh Richard... what happened to you? You, Richard Patrick, were a touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails before heading out on your own to start your own industrial-based alt-rock outfit, Filter. Your song “Hey Man Nice Shot” from the 1995 album Short Bus became an anthem of sorts. You followed it up in 1999 with Title of Record, which included the heavy-handed “Welcome to the Fold,” but also “Take a Picture.” Is that where things went wrong? Damn the man, Richard. Sure, people can appreciate a good ballad, but you need to stick to your guns and remember what put you on the map. Who cares if you’re 45, you can still scream with the best of them. Your seventh album, The Sun Comes Out Tonight, hits stores two days after your Charlotte concert. Sure, there are reminders of the old days (lead track “Burn It” and “Self Inflicted”), but the album is weighted down with sap. Meanwhile, the songs which do put some punch back in your repertoire all kinda sound the same. Drop the formulaic songwriting patterns. Scrap the sweetness. And for fuck’s sake don’t hit the road with a few ’90s has-beens who are trying to reclaim their own momentary glory. Oh, wait ... too late.

Jeff Hahne

Price: $20-$57.85

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