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Ever noticed how much our local alt-rock band members drink -- specifically the fellows on that local label MoRisen Records? Take Eric Gilstrap of Elevator Action. Not only does he front a punk band that owes a little to the Undertones and a little to Mr. Cobain, but Eric apparently drinks as much as Justin Williams of the Talk. (Remember Justin's RLT5? I almost got a contact high writing the intro.) Anywhoo. . . Mr. Gilstrap is not just a drinker, he's a pretty clever guy. His entries below are actually meta-entries, wherein rocker-boy gets to list his favorite bars around the country; his favorite bands; his favorite books and (my favorite!) his favorite "random stuff." You can be sure we're going to put a stop to this nonsense -- next ish. Meanwhile, take a gander at the five (uh... twentysomething) things that are rockin' Eric's world:

1. Bars. "Yes, I drink a lot. Here are my favorites I've been to in the last month: Tattooed Mom's (Philly), The Lime Spider (Akron), the Tainted Lady (Brooklyn; decorated from floor to ceiling with vintage porn), Beauty Bar (Manhattan), and of course our own Guin [Editor's note: Yes, we're assuming he's talking about the Penguin, too.] is still reigning champ. Honorable mention: the Talking Moose (Pittsburgh)."

2. Live bands that rock my face off. Polysics! The Needles! The Emergency Broadcast System (aka The Fashion Brigade)! The Dirtbombs! Valient Thorr!

3. New bands you should support. Red Limo (Brooklyn via Charlotte), Mustang (Charlotte), The Cancer Drake (Charlotte), and of course my side-project duo with Laurie Ruroden, The Awesome Tigers (shameless, shameless self promo... ack)."

4. Words. "I haven't forgotten how to read just yet... Vurt -- Jeff Noon; the Titus books -- Mervyn Peake... That's what I'm reading now. I am also frequently found reading menus."

5. Random stuff. "society, secret (My heartbreaking art project record for EA), self-reconstruction, waking up in the morning rather than the afternoon (which didn't happen today, but oh well...), the nlcs, mmorpg's (geek solidarity!), and finding a way to destroy my space (that's right, Tom! I'm coming for you!) *click click."

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