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EpiCentre vs. Music Factory

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Spring isn't the only thing that's sprung. In case you haven't noticed, Charlotte nightlife has sprouted. The days of only having a few places to go out to are gone -- you now actually have to weigh your options and map out your night. But are we going to a bar, or a boxing match? EpiCentre vs. N.C. Music Factory.

In this corner: the EpiCentre. With Whisky River, Suite, BlackFinn, Mez, Enso, Kazba and now Mortimer's Cafe and Pub, it's a mall of nightlife.

And in this corner: the N.C. Music Factory, which is producing bars like a factory of fun. First Halo, then The Fillmore, then Butter, and now Black Bear Saloon and Wet Willie's are under construction, as well as a late-night diner (that might be what I'm most excited about).

Is the Music Factory really off the beaten path since it's not in the epicenter of Uptown, or is the factory creating its own path for people to follow? Technically, they've literally created their own path -- changing traffic patterns to create a direct route to it.

The Music Factory's nightlife has that new car smell, but the EpiCentre isn't noticing a lack of business by any means. Both the Epi and the factory are highly populated on the weekends. I think the Census will back me up when I say Charlotte is getting bigger, and the nightlife is growing with it. But inevitably with growth comes growing pains. But the question is, who is feeling the growing pains -- us or the city?

Cason-point: There is no boxing match or corporate cock fight between the EpiCentre and the N.C. Music Factory; Charlotte is big enough to have both. Nor are the Neighborhood Theatre, Amos' or even Verizon Wireless Amphitheater battling the Music Factory. This just means there are more venues for good acts to come and play in. And more nightlife venues for us to go out and play in.


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