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EP REVIEW: Heywire's Sidewalk Chalk



THE DEAL: Charlotte band releases three-song EP of new music.

THE GOOD: With a country-fried rock riff, Heywire kicks off its latest recorded work with the song, "Las Cruces." The song features an Allman-style dual guitar solo amidst the toe-tapping, road-worthy style of songwriting. The second song, "As the Cresent Grows," is a more straight-forward rock song with a typical verse-chorus-verse style focusing more on the lyrics. A solid slide solo by James Dabbs hints at more Allmans influence, as well. "Allegory" has a more Phish-like playful energy to it that builds up to a driving chorus led by the emotion in Michael Deeb's vocals. "Las Cruces" and "Allegory" are two of Heywire's stronger songs in their catalog — always great to hear a band improve with age. The band wears its influences on its sleeve without coming across as a copycat. The EP also features keyboard work from Charlotte resident and Tedeschi Trucks Band member Kofi Burbridge.

THE BAD: The guitar solos and strong harmonies show great promise, but left me wondering why there wasn't more of it showcased within the songs here.

THE VERDICT: Three songs left me wanting more — not only more songs as a whole, but more of the strong elements that were presented within. Hopefully, this is a harbinger of more good music to come.

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