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Ember, Go-go dancer/VIP server


What's your favorite feature on a person's body?

The first things I always look at are the eyes. The thing that really gets me right out the gate, though, is the smile.

Let's say you're strapped for cash — for a part-time gig, would you rather become a stripper or septic tank cleaner?

I would have to do the cleaning because I'm too intelligent to strip. I'm a choreographer, and so I just know I'm too talented to do the stripping profession.

Favorite place to hang out in Charlotte?

I would say in the NoDa area. I do poetry, and so I like Wine Up. And at times I go to Allure, too. But I usually go to Wine Up. I really like the NoDa area, just the vibe of it.

What did your last Facebook/Twitter status say?

It is a quote by Robert Frost, and it says, "Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat."

If you're about to go on a first date with someone and decide to put together a new outfit, where do you go shopping?

I like this place called Silvina, in Northlake and Concord. That's my go-to place.

Where's the best place to pick up a guy?

I know where not to go: I don't do nightclubs; I don't want to meet a guy at the club because I already know what their intention is. When it comes to meeting someone, I try to meet them where it's common ground. For instance, I go to Wine Up because I like poetry; I'll talk to someone there. If I'm going to some dance event, I'll talk to someone there. Just because you already know you have foundation of a common interest. If all else fails, I'll meet someone at church or the grocery store or something.

The 2011 Lust List:
Ember, Go-go dancer/VIP server

Travis, Full-time student
Emily Paige, Co-assistant designer
Ward, Marketing executive/group fitness instructor
Shana, Modeling agency owner
Aaron, Full-time student/"shot boy"
Naresse, Restaurant "jack of all trades"
Shane, Bartender

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