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Election fallout



Now that Mecklenburg County has a sheriff, the party responsible for putting together the voided election that caused the controversy looks like a bunch of donkeys.

Here's why:

• The Mecklenburg County Democratic Party had to get mandated by the state Democrats to organize precincts properly.

• County Democrats have to take full responsibility for the voided election because the local Republicans washed their hands of the situation, not even being a part of the investigative committee that was supposed to answer how everything went so wrong.

• Instead of focusing on the Republicans, the Democrats have been fighting with each other for the last two months, with party members airing "dirty laundry" every other day.

• Republicans like Bill James get to make smug comments about the Democrats breaking rules -- and actually be right (no pun intended) for a change.

• Now for the next few weeks, we all have to listen to Democrats talk about healing.

Good times.

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